Schedule Change - First show on June 20 & 21

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Next race will hopefully be June 20 & 21 in Uvalde.


New schedule for 2020 is set.  Check schedule.

 Breakaway will only be Saturday after open barrels are completed.
2 separate shows of one go each, but both Sat. class (1st go) and Sun. class (2nd  go) would be run on Saturday.  Separate entries for each go.  Cannot  roll time from first go to second.  No average nor payout for average.   Points for each day show from each corresponding go.  Ropers may enter more than one horse in a go, but must designate point earner on entry.  We would break it into two classes: 

 14 & under (boys and girls) and 15 & older (girls & women only).

Files coming soon.

2019 Finals & Awards

2019 Awards

2019 Championship Trailer

2019 Awards



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2019 Finals

2019 Championship Trailer

2019 Awards


2019 HHBRA Members

2019 Championship Trailer

2019 Championship Trailer

2019 Championship Trailer


Tickets for the Championship Trailer were earned by the nominated members who placed in the top six in each division of the open 5D barrels at each show in 2019.   And the winning ticket belonged to Samantha Cortinas. Congratulations, Samantha!

2019 1D Barrels

2019 Saddle Winners

2019 Championship Trailer


Top placings in the 1D Barrels

2019 Saddle Winners

2019 Saddle Winners

2019 Saddle Winners


The happiest riders of the night - the first place winners of each class in HHBRA!

2019 1D Poles

2019 Saddle Winners

2019 Saddle Winners


Top placings in the 1D Poles


         Heart of the Hills Barrel Race Association 

          PO Box 4;  Fredericksburg, TX 78624        

The Heart of the Hills Barrel Race Association is a nonprofit organization, registered with the State of Texas, whose purpose is to promote the sport of barrel racing and pole bending in the Hill Country of Texas.   Nearly half of our members are youth riders – we consider it a special privilege to provide an entry into the sport for these young competitors, and we work hard to provide a family-oriented environment for them to practice their sport.   It has been our policy, for as long as we have been in existence, to provide year-end awards for all youth members, regardless of their place in the finishing order. Our entry fees do not always cover this completely, and so we ask for the generosity of sponsors in the community, such as you, to help us provide incentive prizes for our youth riders. We think that any child who competes in a sport, whether on a team or individually, learns valuable lessons by training and competing, and grows up better prepared to be a valuable member of our community. Please, help us help our youth competitors achieve their goal.   


$50 - Basic membership award fee

$100 - Buckle sponsorship

$250 - Half of a saddle (name on one side)

$500 - Saddle sponsorship (name on both sides)

$750 - Trailer sponsorship (name displayed on trailer)

$1000 - Class sponsorship (saddle & buckles/prizes)

About Us

Barrel Racing & Pole Bending Jackpots in the Texas Hill Country

  The  Heart of the Hills Barrel Race Association is a non-profit  organization, promoting barrel race and pole bending jackpots for adult  and youth riders in the Hill Country of Texas.  More than half of our  members are under the age of 18, and we consider their education and  development as riders, competitors, and horse owners a fundamental goal  of our organization.  Membership in our organization, and participation  in our shows, is open to any rider, but we particularly focus on  families and youth, and seek to provide a wholesome, friendly and safe  competitive environment, and we value sportsmanship over all. Equine  sports, and rodeo in particular, is a tradition here in Texas, and by  training and nurturing the next generation of riders, we hope to help  keep that tradition alive here in the Hill Country.  Children and  teenagers who rodeo spend a great deal of time and effort in practicing,  training, and caring for their animals.  They learn that succeeding in  their sport requires patience, skill, and determination.  They also  learn valuable lessons about winning, losing, and simply playing the  game, and while they are learning to succeed in the rodeo arena, they  are also learning to succeed in the game of life. We  believe in rewarding these kids for their season of hard work (or hard  knocks!) by providing outstanding year-end awards - trophy saddles,  trophy buckles, tack, jewelry, and other gear.  In our organization, all  youth riders receive an award - whether you finished at the top of your  class, or struggled at the bottom - at HHBRA, you are a winner. 

Non-members are always welcome with no added fees. 


Heart of the Hills Barrel Racing Association is located in the Texas Hill Country.

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Executive Director:  Diane Wetz:

                       cell 830-739-4883
Entries: Lauren McBryde & Diane Wetz

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